How To Become A MILLIONAIRE! (5 Simple Investment Tips To Retire RICH)

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Alpha grew up a poor kid from Philly where no one talked about savings, retiring, or money. It was all about making ends meeting now — ‚worry about money later‘. Alpha would be killing now if he had invested & saved just a little bit, but he’s having to play catch-up. Now, at 41 years old, he’s trying to save enough to retire someday. He sees what is happening with his parents and some of his friends – they’ll have to work their entire lives. There’s nothing sweeter than what financial freedom will bring you. Here’s his advice from what he’s learned from recent years that he wished he knew a couple decades ago.

Five Simple Things to Start TODAY to Retire WEALTHY

1. Change your mindset and perspective – you don’t need everything you want. Develop a budget.
2. Pay off those high-interest credit cards.
3. Save for a rainy day – save money for a rainy day.
4. Educate yourself – you are the only one responsible for your financial future.
5. Execute the plan! You have to do it now! Start young!

How to Educate Yourself
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