7 Investment Mistakes I Made 😭 (So You Don’t Have To)

Have you ever made a REALLY bad financial mistake? Then THIS video is for you.

Are you not perfect Jeff? Nope.

Even though I’m a Certified Financial Planner ✅, I still have made some SERIOUS mistakes… two of which cost me over $13,000.😬😬

Here I am today admitting my biggest mistakes and totally owning them… so hopefully you can LEARN from my mistakes and try another way to invest.

So whether you’re here trying to avoid making mistakes or have lost your butt from a mistake yourself, let’s dive in.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:

▶︎ (2:18) MISTAKE #1: I waited too long to start investing.
▶︎ What’s the point of starting to invest early? Two words: Compound Interest.
▶︎ (7:00) MISTAKE #2: Buying on hope… have you ever said, “I hope that the stock market does X for me”??
▶︎ (9:18) MISTAKE #3: Listening to someone else’s investment advice.
▶︎ What it looks like when a client comes to me with someone else’s advice and ask me what I think about it.
▶︎ How if you can’t explain what the company you want to invest in does, then you shouldn’t invest in it. Got it?
▶︎ (11:20) MISTAKE #4: The penny stock debacle the cost me over $5k. #whoops
▶︎ (14:20) MISTAKE #5: Buying on emotion.
▶︎ How FOMO is impacting YOUR investments.
▶︎ What is a Double Inverse ETF?
▶︎ (16:40) MISTAKE #6: Not doing enough research.
▶︎ The story behind how I lost $8k when I got hooked on a coupon deal. EKK.
▶︎ How do I prevent myself from making huge mistakes without enough research? This is what I call the “Impact Filter”.
▶︎ (21:28) MISTAKE #7: Buying an investment and I don’t even remember why I bought it.
▶︎ SAVE YOURSELF! See what my common rules of investing are.

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