Bitcoin Investment Fund, Russian Airline Loves Blockchain, & Facebook Huobi Link – BTC & Crypto News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – crypto index funds, German ETFs, both of the Koreas love crypto, Russian airline gets deeper into blockchain, Zuckerberg teams up with Huobi, and theft by cop shows why Bitcoin is awesome. Morgan Creek German ETF Russia Blockchain North Korea South Korea Blockchain Education Almost Half […]

Why Bitcoin is a SUPERIOR Investment Over Altcoins Now

Bitcoin and altcoins are in a constant flux in the cryptocurrency space. In some cycles, altcoins drastically outperform Bitcoin and in other cycles, Bitcoin drastically outperforms altcoins. In this video, we discuss why I suspect a Bitcoin cycle is coming and hence Bitcoin’s relative superiority over altcoins. For a full script, please see the Steemit […]

Should I Buy Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

How to Buy Bitcoin Tutorial: My Preferred Exchange is Binance: Support Crypto Love on Patreon: Should you Buy Bitcoin now? Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? This is my bitcoin investment strategy and what you need to know before buying bitcoin. Should I buy Bitcoin now or wait? Best Bitcoin strategy. […]

BITCOIN Investment Strategy For BEGINNERS 2017 ($250-$500 Per Day)

In this video I share my Bitcoin Investment Strategy for beginners 2017. Obviously there is ALWAYS RISK involved in any investment and I consider my strategy of BUYING THE DIP as LOW RISK. If you aren’t involved in Cryptocurrencies I highly recommend doing so. Bitcoin Training Video: Exchange Your Dollars Into Bitcoin: Bitconnect […]

Warren Buffett – Investing in **** is better than Bitcoin! – Investment Strategy for Students

If Bitcoin continues to go up in value 50% each year, 1000 dollars invested today will be worth over 50,000 in 10 years! But Warren Buffett explains an investment that’s even better than Bitcoin, stocks, etc. This video gives a couple ideas about investing in your MOST VALUABLE ASSET – Some highlights – -Get use […]

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